Sunday, November 19, 2017

Liz Lisa denim skinny pants (Spring 2017 version)

This is the part 2 continuation of my "Liz Lisa with denim bottoms" post! Like I mentioned, after being bombarded with so many inspirational shop staff photos, I finally caved in and bought a pair for myself during the third(?) restock because I didn't want to miss out on trying to create coordinates with these unique jeans!

Liz Lisa denim skinny pants in indigo (171-5009-3)
I admit - I got a little obsessed with these pants. I had been determined to try them on during my January Japan trip and make a purchase decision based on that. I ended up trying them on not once but twice, because I really couldn't decide what I thought about them. The first time I was pleasantly surprised that they weren't too big on the waist. A common problem for me for Japanese free size pants/shorts is that its too tight in the butt/hips but too loose in the waist. Because of the material and the design of these, it was actually fitted! BUT then they also seemed a little unflattering on my hips. I got opinions from three people who had actually seen me wearing them but no one seemed particularly enthused about them being perfect for me. Based on that, I kind of let them pass because I didn't want to pay full price for something that I know for sure is only so-so.

Time passed and I went on my March trip, and they restocked the pants which were way more popular than I anticipated, but I still didn't buy them and I knew if I showed them to my bf (who managed not to visit even 1 Liz Lisa store with me during the entire trip), he would hate them based on the style, so again, no buy. April and most of May pass, and I get bombarded with great shop staff coordinate examples with these pants thanks to the Golden Week promotion, but I STILL don't buy them. The site goes through the renewal, and there's another set price, but I really don't like any of the tops very much. I asked myself whether I really wanted them because I had been thinking about them for almost 4.5 months by then, and the answer seemed kind of obvious - just do it. And here we are!

with Liz Lisa smocking embroidery off shoulder top and Liz Lisa ribbon platform sandals -

with Liz Lisa margaret applique top, Liz Lisa round tulip purse and Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps -

with Liz Lisa sunflower parfait top, Liz Lisa sweets print envelope clutch and Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps -

with Swankiss argyle heart sleeveless top and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals -

with Liz Lisa english rose peplum top and Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps -

with Liz Lisa open shoulder knit top, Liz Lisa tulle dot fedora and Liz Lisa (flower) wedge pumps + Liz Lisa frill embroidery blouson -

with Secret Honey back ribbon cross cutsew, Liz Lisa ribbon embroidery beret and Liz Lisa 3-strap pumps + Liz Lisa riders jacket -

with One Spo heart cut out cropped knit and Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps -

with Forever21 bowtie blouse, Ank Rouge ribbon buckle purse and Guess? mary jane pumps + Liz Lisa Doll blazer -

I didn't just pair these pants with only Liz Lisa items (which is why I felt like this needed to be its own post separate from "part 1") but I think there are enough all-Liz Lisa examples already. You can certainly pair these pants with all  kinds of brands and use them in different styles/coordinates, but I just wanted to share a small selection based on my wardrobe!

Although I don't think these pants fit as well on me as they do on many of the shop staff because of my leg shape and height, I still really love the style. I think my legs are right around the length where the pants look a little too short but not intentionally. Maybe if you're an inch or shorter or an inch or so taller, the length might be a little more flattering! Unfortunately they can't really be hemmed due to the lace up detail on the back that I really do love and don't want to sacrifice. So the result is pants that look a little highwater. This is likely most easily remedied by wearing shoes without a lot of fuss and straps, especially around the ankle to help elongate my legs, but for some reason I insisted on wearing mostly Liz Lisa shoes which do feature all the fussy details. I definitely have more experimenting to do.
As a general comment, I do think the material these pants are able to stretch a lot. I saw girls of a few different sizes also try them on and it can definitely accommodate more than you'd think just because the material is pretty stretchy. The material is also pretty comfortable compared to the denim pants I'm used to which is likely why they were so popular.

I had a lot of fun trying out different things and figuring out how to best wear these pants. I think it will likely be a while before I'm able to wear them out just because I'm pretty self-conscious about it in the hips/thigh area, but it's just a little more motivation to get in better shape!

Interested in these pants for yourself? TOM is selling the AW17 version which is a velour material but very similar cute design!
Check out the pants and all Liz Lisa products from TOM here. And use coupon code "EMI1718" for $5 off a minimum $25 order ♡

Additional links to examples of Liz Lisa shop staff in the skinny denim pants if you want more inspo!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Liz Lisa coordinate inspiration with denim bottoms

This post is inspired by this ask I received on Tumblr a bit ago and just a few comments I've seen floating around!
My answer basically is ofc denim is okay! And there really are no "rules" to break. If you're trying to create a more obviously himekaji-type coordinate with denim, it helps if there is a cute aspect to your jeans like a print or lace, but if you're not motivated by that, then ofc anything is fine! (Denim) Rompers are also great in himekaji style coordinates as well.
It's okay to take it casual, even tone down an already casual fashion, and just take a day off with denim. You don't have to use Liz Lisa for all himekaji/gyaru all the time.

It's especially easy to wear Liz Lisa tops from (top + sukapan) set ups with jeans because of their length! The print or design is likely super cute and quintessential himekaji as most set ups are, but by substituting a more toned down bottom, you can create a really easy-to-wear simple outfit!

Here are some my own examples from 2013 -


I started this post months and months (maybe even a year?) ago, and since then Liz Lisa has released a bunch of denim bottoms, the most popular being the recent skinny pants! As a result, there's been a flood of shop staff photos wearing them, and I wasn't sure if I still wanted to go forward with this post, especially since I don't even own very many Liz Lisa denim bottoms myself. However, I took the time to gather up all the photos before the influx, and I wanted to just write something short to collect my thoughts here at this time, if only to just serve as some denim bottoms inspo.

Liz Lisa has plenty of examples of shop staff wearing denim bottoms! These aren't all jeans - some are denim shorts or overalls, etc, but I think it's just important to show that there's a lot of options out there.ありがとうございました
As you can see, there is no shortage of denim bottom coordinates. And of course, the small sample I've shown here isn't even everything.

There were so many pictures featuring the denim skinny pants from Spring/Summer 2017 that I don't think I could properly include them all here, but I want to include a few here and then I'll list links to a bunch in what will be part 2 of this post!

After seeing all the shop staff photos, I couldn't resist getting a pair of these denim skinny pants myself. I purchased a pair back in May, but instead of posting coordinates with the rest of the items in the order, I wanted give them their own post which has been delayed time and time again. It's finally going to happen in the next blog post which will function as "part 2" in this short theme of Liz Lisa/girly coordinates with denim jeans where I make some of my own coordinates with it. It'll hopefully be published this weekend!

I hope this post has cleared up the misconception that some seem to have about incorporating denim pants into Liz Lisa coordinates! We should always wear what we feel most comfortable in and if you're a denim pants kind of person, there isn't anything wrong with that. Keep doing you ♡

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